Who We Are

Marcus Pullman – My video editing bio began back in the nineties. I started by making video journals for my friends in college as a joke. Back then I had a humongous Sony VHS Camcorder. It was definitely the cause of my current back problems! The worst part of those days is I was unable to edit which taught me how to really work with a camera.

Eventually I moved to New York with a buddy of mine and by luck his parents gave him a small camcorder and we started shooting weddings, anniversaries and the occasional bachelor party. We saved our money and picked up Pinnacle Studio 9 and from then on it was all about editing. I dropped the camera and made my way to Hollywood.

Kelly Johns – I love to shoot film, edit and create special effects – even though I have no formal training in film. Aside from my filming hobby I have a background in Computers and tinkering old editing machine my father worked with.

So how did I get into movie making? It all began when I was six years old and my father to me to the set of a Robert Redford film and from that moment on I was hooked, on film and on Redford.

My career began early doing shoots for the local news, you know the boring stuff like local boy saves the day in the last inning of the last game in the peewee baseball league. I couldn’t shake Redford out of my head and by chance I got the opportunity to be a PA on one of his films and so history was made.

Freddy Tuesday – A movies special effects man is hired by a government agency to help stage the assassination of a well-known gangster. When the agency double crosses him, he uses his special effects to trap the gangster and the corrupt agents. Need I say more?

Freddy’s credits run the gamut from Denzel to DiCaprio! If there is a program that edits and offers special effects Freddy has it or he is figuring a way to get it.

Solmaz Niki-Kermani – Marcus met Solmaz at a DiCaprio screening and was fortunate enough to strike up conversation with her. Marcus quickly discovered the multi-facet talent standing before him and offered her a job on the spot. Solmaz is a graduate of Harvard University and along with Jerome she cuts with new technology for independent film projects under the 714E name.  

Amy Kincaid – Amy made her chopping bones in New York City at a local cable TV company but after graduating from NYU. The winter and snow were too much for her bones and so she thumbed her way cross country. Amy is direct assistant to Freddy in special effects.

Jerome Beach – A native of LA Jerome follows in his father’s editing footsteps and is a graduate of the Ohio University in Athens. Jerome heads up 714E new technology division responsible for bringing the most cutting edge idea and software to the company. 

Jeff Charles – Is the all guy who keeps the office stacked with coffee, doughnuts and plenty of Red Bull.

Mimi – The house cat – Meow!

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